Our ‘Second Time’ Wingwalking Loop-the-Loop Experience

£399.00 per person

Are you ready to experience all that you did on your first wingwalk with us but feeling hungry for much more?

Would you like to relive that sense of freedom but wish to pump up the adrenaline rush and excitement a step further with a loop, stall turn and rolling manoeuvres?

Are you brave enough to go up-side-down?

Then how about a mind blowing, head spinning, body blasting Loop-the-Loop wingwalking experience? This is a whole new level of adrenaline and thrills – the most extreme thing you will ever do unless you’re an astronaut!!

After a comprehensive brief covering what you will experience you’ll be secured into the harness. The aircraft will race across the airfield, taking off to climb above 2500ft, half a mile high. The views are incredible, weather permitting you will be able to see 50 miles. Landmarks include the River Severn, the Welsh mountains, Gloucester, Cheltenham, and even the Severn bridges near Bristol.

Starting off, your pilot will put the aircraft into a near vertical dive to gain speed. He’ll be looking for 150mph, before you feel the G come on as the aircraft carves a loop in the sky. Upside down you will feel a strange serenity; speed is low, but with positive G inverted you will feel the right way up and the world will be upside down above you. Look up for a unique uninterrupted view of the Earth below. On the way down, gaining speed the pilot can pull the aircraft up into more figures, stall turns and Cuban 8’s should you wish.

A totally unique experience, what a way to really feel alive.

Please note that you will need to quote the month and year of your last wingwalking experience with us to qualify for this experience. Loops cannot be performed on a Saturday.

Health & Safety Regulations do not allow us to offer aerobatics to anyone who has not wingwalked with us before.

Our ‘Loop the Loop Experience’ can only be performed by those who have wingwalked with us before.  Wingwalkers are not qualified to loop-the-loop, regardless of any previous experience in aerial activities (eg. sky diving and piloting experiences). 

If you would like an adrenaline fuelled flight, and not wingwalked with us before, please book a ‘First Wingwalking Experience’ and discuss your flight with our pilot on the day.  Our pilot will endeavour to perform exaggerated dips, dives and turns with positive and negative G-force.


An experience that is truly unique. The biggest and fastest rollercoaster of thrills, emotions and pure excitement.

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“Skydiving, abseiling, white-water rafting, bungee jumping loved them all, but WOW, looping on the top of an aeroplane is without doubt, the best thing I have ever done.  I feel amazing, this is something I will truly never forget; it’s blown my mind.  Thank you to all the team, you are the best”

Claire Fisher


“Such a brilliant team, expert in what they do, made you feel like you were in safe hands. I completed two wing walks this year. The aerobatics are definitely another level and I am so pleased I did it. I think it would be hard to find another experience that comes close to this, we had so much fun. Massive thanks to the full team. These have been experiences I will never forget!”