Our ‘Second Time’ Wingwalking Loop-the-Loop Experience

£399.00 per person

For those who have performed their ‘First Time’ Wingwalking Experience with us, you qualify for our advanced ‘Second Time’ Loop-the-Loop Wingwalking Experience.  This mind blowing full aerobatic wingwalk provides the adrenaline rush our Professional Team thrive on during their performances. Try a barrel roll, stall turn, Cuban eight and loop.  This is one of THE most extreme things you will ever do in your life.

Let’s talk about the aerobatics…

Our pilots will all perform thrilling, high energy, manoeuvres such as high speed dips, dives, steep climbs and 90 degree banked turns, your body will experience both positive and negative G-force AND the full force of the wind, up to 150mph. You will be totally weightless during some parts of the flight, at other times you will weigh 3 times your body weight! Everyone should experience this at some point in their lives.

Ok, time for some straight talking, be under no illusion, this is not for the faint hearted!!
Aerobatic flight on the wing of our high powered Super Boeing Stearmans is only for the most extreme individuals on the planet!

After your safety briefing with the Professional Wingwalkers you will have a detailed brief with your pilot to discuss the manoeuvres that you would like to do, the sequence you would like to do them in and what to do if you want to stop. Each flight can be tailored to exactly what you want – one loop, or a loop and a stall turn, or the full aerobatic display of a Cuban eight, into a loop, into two stall turns, into a roll, into a hesitation roll – it can all get ‘a bit busy’ as you can see!

So let’s discuss the manoeuvres.

The Loop

The Stearman is a big biplane, it carries a lot of drag especially with a person standing on the wing. That’s one reason why we exclusively use 450hp Pratt and Whitney radial engines, anything else doesn’t cut the mustard, they’re just not powerful enough.

Firstly we will climb to a height of, ideally, over 2500 feet. The pilot will throttle up and put the aircraft into a near vertical dive, once he sees around 150mph he will pull on the stick to bring the nose of the aircraft up, at the bottom of the circle the aircraft is carrying a lot of speed and as he pulls the stick G force will come on, approaching 4G. The nose goes vertical, you see a lot of sky, maybe clouds too! The speed drops right off, back to 60mph, the plane is inverted, you’re inverted, you’re upside down at the top of the loop, yet you still have positive g! The world is upside down and you’re the right way up. Look up (down), the whole world is a vista laid out below you. However, moments later the plane eases over top and you’re into a dive, your face full of patchwork countryside, G is coming back on, the plane accelerates from 60 to 150 in seconds. Your brain tries to compute the information coming in from all your senses.

The Cuban Eight

Very similar and just as fabulous as a loop, but with a difference. The Cuban Eight starts just like a loop, full on dive, lots of speed, lovely pitch to the vertical and over the top, nice and slowly. As the nose drops towards the vertical down the pilot ‘checks’ the stick forwards, you go ‘light’ in your straps, you’re heading earthwards upside down, but only momentarily. Just as quickly as the pilot stops the nose pitching down, he applies full left aileron to roll the aircraft back upright. This results in the aircraft heading in the exact opposite direction to that which you started with, you are accelerating downhill at about 45 degrees, building speed quickly, in fact enough speed to be able to pull the nose back up into the first part of another loop. You float over the top once again and the process is repeated.

It’s called a Cuban Eight because when viewed from the side the aircraft is describing a figure 8 lying on its side.

The Stall Turn

Now we’re talking, it’s time for more extreme manoeuvres. The lead up to the Stall Turn also involves a full on dive, we need the speed to allow the aircraft to climb vertically upwards. The pilot will be looking for a speed of over 130mph, the faster the speed the higher the vertical climb (more speed also means more G force!). The entry profile and speed will be similar to that of a loop, however, once the nose is at 90 degrees to the surface of the earth going up, the pilot will ‘check’ the stick forwards, if you look sideways and you will see that the aircraft is going vertically up. However Newtons First Law of Motion comes into play, basically that means that the aircraft is fighting against gravity, it’s slowing down, even with the bellowing 450hp Pratt and Whitney engine pushing it uphill, the pilot is watching the speed unwind, at the right moment he applies full rudder, the nose of the aircraft swings off to the left, the aircraft is stationary, zero airspeed and it’s weightless, the pilot is weightless and YOU are weightless!

Time and motion stands still for a second or two, the nose slowly drops to vertical down, you have a face full of beautiful Cotswold countryside. Now things start happening very quickly, the aircraft builds speed, the force of gravity and 450hp are now working together, the vertical dive earthwards lasts for a few seconds, then the pilot eases the nose back up to level flight, even using the high speed to regain altitude. You’re left completely exhilarated and wondering what just happened!

The Roll

One of the more gentle aerobatic figures, when flown well you will experience normal levels of G with slightly higher speed than normal cruise. The pilot can incorporate rolls after each manoeuvre as the aircraft is usually carrying a little extra speed. To complete a roll, the pilot will pull the stick back, raising the nose to an angle of about 45 degrees to the horizon, a bit like a steep climb, he will ‘check’ the stick forward to stop the climb, he will briskly move the stick fully left to initiate a rolling motion in the longitudinal plane. From your viewpoint on the wing, you will feel the aircraft rotating left, initially similar to the entry to a steep left turn, however, the rate of roll continues and soon you will find yourself completely upside down. Your senses are telling you that the World is rotating clockwise, whilst you remain stationary, but you know that you are moving. The roll continues and within a few seconds you are upright once again. A gentle manoeuvre which you will want to experience again and again.

Hesitation Roll

Another variation on a theme. The Hesitation Roll is very similar to the normal roll described above but with a few subtle differences. First off we need a little more speed as we will be in the aerobatic phase of flight for a few moments longer than during a normal roll. The entry is the same, the pilot raises the nose, ‘checks’ forward on the stick and applies roll in the required direction, once he sees the aircraft attitude at 90 degrees in relation to the horizon (looking like a steep turn), he will then ‘check’ the stick to centre to momentarily stop the roll, almost as quickly he will reapply full stick to roll inverted, he will then centralise the stick, at the same time he will push the stick forward to keep the nose of the aircraft from dropping towards the ground, the plane will pause upside down, the pilot is upside down, YOU are upside down. At this point you should look up (down), eyes wide open for a vista you will never forget. The pilot reapplies roll to the 270 degree position and hesitates once more, just momentarily, before he rolls the aircraft once more to the upright position. Once again you are left breathless and feeling totally and completely free, not even bonded to the earth by the forces of gravity.


Health & Safety Regulations do not allow us to offer aerobatics to those who have not wingwalked with us before. 

However, if you have not wingwalked with us before and you are keen to perform a full aerobatic Loop-the-Loop experience, we can make this happen.  You can fly both your ‘First Time’ experience, followed by your ‘Loop-the-Loop’ experience on the same day…

Once they have landed, people often want to go straight back up again, they are buzzing and full of adrenaline, what better way than to climb back on to the wing and strap in for the most extreme ride of your life.

There is a £40.00 discount for booking both flights!  ‘First’ experience at £399.00 and the ‘Second’ loop experience at a discounted £359.00.

If you would like one fight only and are searching for that adrenaline fuelled feeling, our team will make this possible on your ‘First Wingwalking Experience’.  Please discuss with our Display Pilot on the day.

We are unable to perform our loop-the-loop experience on a Saturday, however, we are free to go looping during weekdays.


An experience that is truly unique. The biggest and fastest rollercoaster of thrills, emotions and pure excitement.

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“Skydiving, abseiling, white-water rafting, bungee jumping loved them all, but WOW, looping on the top of an aeroplane is without doubt, the best thing I have ever done.  I feel amazing, this is something I will truly never forget; it’s blown my mind.  Thank you to all the team, you are the best”

Claire Fisher


“Such a brilliant team, expert in what they do, made you feel like you were in safe hands. I completed two wing walks this year. The aerobatics are definitely another level and I am so pleased I did it. I think it would be hard to find another experience that comes close to this, we had so much fun. Massive thanks to the full team. These have been experiences I will never forget!”



“Back for the second time – and loop the loop. I did not expect the flight to include so much more than this – cuban 8, stall, the lot. Gemma and Kirsten were fabulous hosts and trainers, and Dave – well what can say – an amazing pilot, providing the best of experiences. The day was lovely and clear and so the views were amazing.
I am totally hooked, and will be back again – to anyone thinking about a wing walking experience – stop thinking and do it, you cannot be in safer hands.”

Sarah Forbes