‘First Time’ Wingwalking Experience

£399.00 per person

Your adrenaline will hit new levels with this incredible flying experience.  Flown by one of our top class professional wingwalking display pilots, you will fly on the top wing of one of our fleet of five classic 1940’s Boeing Stearman biplanes.  Tailor-made for you for a graceful or completely radical flight experience.

It really is the thrill of a lifetime!

You will be guided by our professional wingwalking team up on to the top wing. Once strapped in, you are ready to go!

The huge 3m propellor starts to turn and the big Pratt and Whitney radial engine rumbles into life. As you taxi across our beautiful, private airfield ready for take-off, you will be overwhelmed with excitement from the roar of the 450hp engine and the propeller right in front of you.

With you standing on the wing, your pilot will fly you across the airfield and local area, passing over the wonderful countryside that surrounds us. He’ll then fly past the viewing enclosure so that your friends and family can watch you, can take photos and video you flying past, after all, it’s not every day you get to fly on the top wing of an aeroplane!

All our wingwalkers have different preferences so whether you’re after a sedate flight or an adrenaline fuelled flight, your wish is our command.

We want you to have the best experience so the pilot will tailor your flight to your own personal preference.

Take Off
Take off!!

Once lined up the pilot will throttle up the engine, release the brakes and you’re off! The propellor biting into the air, the tips travelling faster than the speed of sound, your friends and family will hear the bark of the propellor as you accelerate across the grass. Your adrenaline levels will go off the scale as the aircraft quickly gathers speed on it’s take off run, just a few seconds later you will feel the wheels leave the ground.

Feel the tremendous sense of freedom as you fly through the air, take in the unbelievably stunning views surrounding our private airfield, whilst waving to friends and family on the ground below.

For the more adventurous…

After a few passes for friends and family, the aircraft can climb higher, up to 600ft. Height is potential energy, the higher you go the more the aircraft can do. Here are the exhilarating manoeuvres we can perform, these moves are designed to give you a taster of what aerobatics is like. If you enjoy flying on the wing whilst doing such manoeuvres then you really must consider a full on aerobatic wingwalking experience for your next flight.

The Bumps
The Bumps – Dips & Dives

Let’s start with ‘the bumps’, effectively it is straight line flight, it doesn’t involve any turning. This can be a gentle manoeuvre or it can a little more extreme. The pilot will push the nose down, you will be momentarily weightless, the aircraft will quickly accelerate, reaching speeds of up to 140mph. It’s fast!, the pilot eases the stick back, G comes on, for some it’s a new experience, feeling the various different forces acting on your body. The nose rises and the aircraft is climbing steeply, it’s slowing down, in seconds you are 2/3rds as high as the Shard. At the apex, the pilot pushes forwards on the stick, ‘bunting’ the aircraft forward and down, at this point you are totally weightless, your feet will feel very light on the wing, almost coming off but you’re strapped in so securely that you’re not going anywhere except downwards, towards the earth. Speed rapidly builds, the aircraft easily accelerating downhill before the pilot eases the plane back into a climb to repeat the move.

The Steep Turns
The Steep Turns

The pilot will combine ‘bumps’ with a steep turn, using up to 90 degrees of roll. As the aircraft heads skywards the pilot will apply roll in the required direction and the aircraft will turn through an angle of between 90 and 180 degrees, the nose dropping and regaining speed as it does so.

All good things come to an end

With your blood pumping and senses on overload, you’ll be landing and returning to your spectators, full of adrenaline and a massive sense of achievement.

You will have joined a very exclusive group of fliers who have actually travelled on the outside of an aircraft.

Tailor made for you…

As stated above, flights are tailor made to suit your preference. So, for those who’d prefer a more sedate and graceful ride, or if you’d like a radical experience and wish to increase your adrenaline levels all the more, please discuss this with your pilot on the day.

After this first flight you will qualify to perform our next wingwalking experience… a full on ‘Aerobatic Experience‘. If booked in advance, you’ll receive a generous reduced price offer of £359.00. We can fly both experiences on the same day (weekdays only). Please contact biplane@aerosuperbatics.com for availability and booking.

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