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Our Private Airfield

Where does the wingwalking take place?

Facilities at the Airfield

Spectators and Pets

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Our Gift Vouchers and Booking

When can I wingwalk?

Can I get a refund?

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

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Wingwalking for Charity

What is the difference between the Anytime and Weekday vouchers?

Can I upgrade my Weekday voucher to an Anytime voucher to fly on a Saturday?

Our Experiences and What’s Included

Who Can Wingwalk

Can I fly aerobatics on my First Flight?

How long does the experience last?

Will I be climbing around the aircraft in flight?

What’s the speed, height & time spent in the air?

Do I need to get insurance for my wingwalking experience?

How difficult is it to climb onto the aircraft?

Useful Information

What happens if the weather is bad?

What to Wear

Can I wear my glasses?

Can I fly with a lost limb(s)?

Videos & Photos

Do you offer a video of the flight?

Accessing your Flight Video (Pre 12-09-23)

Can I bring my own GoPro?