Flying Experience: 4000 hours
Displays Flown: 850

Dave always wanted to fly, and once he completed his pilot’s licence at Cambridge Aero Club in 1995, he immediately wanted to fly wingwalking aircraft after seeing the AeroSuperBatics Team perform.

Dave flew parachute aircraft to build hours and, to gain the relevant tailwheel experience, he bought a Stearman and flew local air displays which stood him in good stead to join the AeroSuperBatics Team.

Having been a Team member since 2006, Dave now has hundreds of shows under his belt and absolutely loves the thrill and challenge of flying close formation in low level wingwalking displays.

After 10 years, he is still as keen as ever to come to work! He loves all aspects of his job as no two days are the same, from flying at airshows to performing engineering tasks.