Martyn Carrington

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Flying Experience: over 9000 hours
Displays Flown: 1200

Martyn has a keen interest in flying since taking his first flight from his little local airfield at the age of 9, and remarkably gained his licence to fly solo only a few days after his 17th birthday.

Martyn has always enjoyed flying vintage aircraft and became a flying instructor and examiner, working at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, where he flew for many years. It was during this time that Martyn developed his passion for airshows and display flying.

Martyn went on to join the AeroSuperBatics team and learned many new flying skills, including close formation flying, the art of landing on a trailer and wingwalking.

Martyn now generally flies as a wingman in most of the team displays and he enjoys the challenge of keeping his Boeing Stearman in formation.

His favorite manoeuvre is the ‘Mirror’ formation as he loves the thrill of hanging upside down in an open cockpit aeroplane!