Flying Experience: over 1700 hours
Displays Flown: over 700

Nick was born into a total aviation family, as both his father and uncle were test pilots. Awarded a RAF Flying Scholarship at 17, Nick then flew with fellow Wingwalk pilot Steve Hicks at the Cambridge University Air Squadron.

Nick is co-founder of the Yakovlevs and the Redstarz teams and has displayed at over 700 airshows over 17 years, flying Yak 50s, 52s and the Sukhoi 29. Nick was introduced to the style and grace of the Stearman when test flying and reviewing this classic biplane for Flyer Magazine. It was love at first sight.

Nick loves the size and the power of the Stearman and relishes the challenge to fly smoothly and precisely – any way up.

Pretty soon, he’ll be teaching his children, Max and Emily to fly; but Emily has other plans – to be a wingwalker of course.