Reasons to fly with AeroSuperBatics:

What sets AeroSuperBatics apart from the rest?

We are Unique

Established in 1984, we are the original and first Stearman wing walking team in the UK, and regarded as industry leaders.

The most safety conscious wingwalking company in the world, boasting an unblemished 100% safety record.

Our Experiences

We are the only UK wingwalking company with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to offer full on aerobatics flights.  Not just one or two loops, but a full routine including stall turns, barrel rolls and Cuban 8s.  Also to include dramatic smoke trails generated by our powerful smoke systems using Aeroshell smoke oil.

We are also the only UK wingwalking company to perform formation wingwalking experiences.  With our fleet of aircraft we can offer two wingwalkers this incredible and unique experience to be part of their own private, formation wingwalking display.

Experienced Pilots

You will be flown by our pilots who are amongst the most experienced; including an ex-syncro leader for the Royal Air Force The Red Arrows, Guiness World record holding pilots, the world most experienced wingwalking pilot and an ex Royal Airforce corporate jet pilot. Collectively having over 60,000 wingwalking hours, 6000+ air displays and over 12,000 public Wingwalkers flown.

Professional Wingwalkers

In depth and detailed safety briefings by our full time, extremely experienced Professional Wingwalkers. Our Professional Wingwalkers are the highly acclaimed performers at airshow displays worldwide. They understand every aspect of the safety and thrill for wingwalking. You could not be in better hands.

Maximum Weight

Our maximum weight limit is 14 stone (196lbs) and you will be secured into our advanced and strong technical wing walking rig.

Exclusive Private Airfield

We operate from our own private WW1 airfield just for our Wingwalkers’ exclusive use while your flight takes place, the airfield is steeped in history, dating back to 1916, there are no flying schools, no other air traffic to consider, just open airspace and stunning views of the beautiful Cotswold countryside designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. Bring your friends and family along to watch from our securely fenced landscaped garden, with teas and coffee available in an original first world war officers mess.  You couldn’t get closer to the action.

Our Aircraft and Engineers

Our fleet of five Boeing Stearman aircraft are meticulously maintained by our experienced, on site engineers with over 90 years combined experience, and are powered by Pratt and Whitney 450hp engines, the biggest Super Stearman engines in the UK.

World Renowned Display Team

We are the only formation aerobatic wingwalking team in the World. We have performed in over 25 countries as far afield as China, India, UAE, Australia and the Philippines. We always attract extensive interest in every country we have been to.


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