What to expect during your visit

Upon entering our exclusive private airfield you will see why we pride ourselves in our venue. With its vast open spaces and beautiful views, you’ll be keen to head to the skies to see the landscape from above.


  • Upon booking your wingwalking experience you will be allocated an arrival time.  
  • As this is a private airfield, access can only be granted to you and your spectators no more than 30 minutes prior to your allocated arrival time.
  • You will be greeted by one of our Wingwalking Team Members

Safety Briefing

  • Your group safety briefing will commence 15 minutes after your designated arrival time. For example:
    9.30am arrival (9.45am safety briefing)
    11.30am arrival (11.45am safety briefing)
    1.30pm arrival (1.45pm safety briefing)
  • The safety video is approximately 8 minutes long. 
  • Please feel free to ask questions after the safety video
  • After your safety briefing and questions, you will be asked to read, complete and sign a ‘Safety Standards Acknowledgement, Next of Kin, Self-Certified & Indemnity’ Form.
  • You will then be provided with a flight suit (optional)

Meet Your Pilot

  • Before your flight you will have the opportunity to meet your pilot. The pilot will run through communication hand signals and the type of flight that you would like to experience.  

During flight the pilot can see you at all times; he will be keeping an eye on you. Hand signals are discussed so that you can communicate with him; ie thumbs down if you wish to land etc

Your flight is individual to you so if you’d prefer a gentle flight this can be arranged; likewise, if you are an adrenaline junkie and want a high speed flight with steep dips, dives and turns, then this too can be organised. Just tell your pilot!

Wingwalking Experience

Your wingwalk will be scheduled to take place after your safety briefing, however, there are a number of reasons that can cause a delay, mainly the weather. The exact time of your wingwalk cannot be guaranteed.

  • When your aircraft and pilot are ready, you will be called by our Professional Wingwalker.
  • Step-by-step she will guide you to the top of the aircraft.
  • She will fit and secure the harness and run through additional safety instructions as well as providing you with goggles, ear plugs and gloves. 
  • The Professional Wingwalker will attach a GoPro camera to the wing of the aircraft to record your flight.
  • When you are ready she will climb down and give the signal to the pilot to start the engine! You will then taxi across the airfield and take off.
  • Your flight will last approx 8-10 minutes.


  • After landing and once the propeller has stopped, the Professional Wingwalker will climb back up to the top wing, undo your harness and guide you back down to the ground.
    It is imperative that you DO NOT try to undo the harness yourself.
  • The Professional Wingwalker will take the GoPro camera footage; the GoPro footage is available for purchase at £69.99. We can accept cash or card payments.
  • You will also be given the opportunity to purchase a AeroSuperBatics merchandise.
  • After your flight you will be presented with a Wingwalking Certificate.