Our Team & Aircraft

We are the only formation wingwalking team in the world and have been in business for over 30 years, as such we have so much to share; for full details on our display team, wingwalking history, airshow performances and much more please click here to view our website www.aerosuperbatics.com

Professional Wingwalkers

Our AeroSuperBatic Wingwalkers are experts in wingwalking and have performed across the country and worldwide in Airshow displays. During your visit one of our wingwalkers will brief you on all safety aspects and training to fulfil your wingwalking experience. 

Display Pilots

All our AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking Display Pilots are highly experienced with many flying hours as pilot in command. Each has a Civil Aviation Authority Pilot’s License, an Air Display Authorisation and undergoes regular mandatory medical checks.

All our pilots have flown at air displays around the world.

Your pilot will brief you before the flight and discuss the manoeuvres that will be performed with you on the wing. Your pilot will also reiterate the hand signals that will be covered in your training. These are used to communicate with him during the flight if necessary, including if you want him to land.


Our Boeing Stearman biplanes have 450hp Pratt and Whitney radial engines and have been specially adapted for wingwalking under Civil Aviation Authority regulations. They are maintained to Civil Aviation Authority requirements and have a current Certificate of Airworthiness.

Wingwalking Rig & Harness

You will be secured in to the wingwalking rig on the top wing by a Civil Aviation Authority approved safety harness. The harness is fastened and then secured by a second locking system called a locking pin. This locking pin protects the harness from accidental opening.