Our Formation Wingwalking Experience

£1,200 per couple

This incredibly unique experience offers two wingwalkers the opportunity to be part of their own private formation wingwalking display.

Flown by two of our world renowned professional wingwalking display pilots, you will both take to the skies, standing on the top wing of our 1940’s Boeing Stearman Biplanes.

You will be guided by our professional wingwalking team up on to the top wing in 3 stages. The highest step up being 3ft (assisted with a step if required). Once strapped in and briefed you are ready to go!

Before you taxi across our beautiful private airfield ready for take-off you will be overwhelmed with excitement from the roar of the 450hp engine and the propeller in front of you, the tips of which can exceed the speed of sound.

Take a moment to look across to your fellow wingwalker, just a few feet away, as both aircraft accelerate next to each other on the take-off roll and your adrenaline levels will go off the scale.

Once airborne your senses will be on overload. Gracefully flying next to each other, side by side, you will marvel in the stunning views surrounding our airfield, whilst waving to friends and family down below.

This is where your formation performance really begins.

Both aircraft will perform a series of passes in formation, gradually gaining height and speed, culminating in a break where the aircraft will fly away from each other.

The aircraft will turn and fly head to head for hair raising cross-overs.  You will see your partner zoom past at closing speeds of up to 260mph.

Reaching altitudes of 600ft, and speeds around 130mph, the pilot can put the aircraft through its paces, performing a series of exhilarating, synchronised dips, dives and turns, sharing the sky with your formation partner.

Your spectators will be watching your own private Airshow from the ground below. There will be plenty of opportunity for unique photos and of course you’ll have the video from our on board GoPro camera.

This is a performance you, your friends and family will never forget.
With your blood pumping and senses on overload, you’ll be landing one behind the other and returning to your spectators, full of adrenaline and a huge sense of great achievement.

Your performance will leave you breathless and will certainly raise a round of applause!

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After these first flights you will both qualify to perform our next Loop-the-Loop wingwalking experience… a full aerobatic ride with a loop-the-loop, stall turns and rolling manoeuvres. If booked when you’re at the airfield you’ll receive a reduced price offer of £359.00 for an individual flight or £1120.00 for a Loop-the-Loop formation flight. These flights can be flown same day (subject to availability) or at a later date.

Not available on Saturdays.


A formation wingwalk requires more planning on our part to coordinate multiple pilots and flight staff. Please use the link below to check availability and make your enquiry.

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My husband & I received a formation experience as a wedding gift… and wow, what an experience. I cannot put into words how exciting it was to speed across the airfield side-by-side for take-off. Having Mike flying next to me just made the experience that much more enjoyable. We flew through the air, flying up, down and around, then separating before whizzing past each other several times. OMG, it felt like his plane was inches from mine, it was just brilliant. We loved it. So much so, we’re thinking of coming back for a formation loop!!

Thank you to the team for being so attentive and great fun! This is one experience we will never forget.

Lily & Mike, Cambridge