Our Formation Wingwalking Experience

£1,200 per couple

Share your experience with a breathtaking formation wingwalk. On the top wing of your respective aircraft, you will both take to the skies in a simultaneous and spectacular performance you’ll never forget.

This incredibly unique experience offering two wingwalkers the opportunity to be part of their own private, formation wingwalking display.

Flown by two of our world renowned professional wingwalking display pilots, you will both take to the skies, each of you standing on the top wing of one of our fleet of five classic 1940’s Boeing Stearman Biplanes.

Our professional wingwalker will guide you through a safety video and verbal briefing, we will then invite your family and friends to join you and the team for a full formation briefing, exactly the same as our professional air display team experience in preparation for an airshow performance. Headed by your Lead Display Pilot, he will brief you all using a whiteboard for clear understanding, you will all feel the excitement start to build by having clear knowledge of what you are about to experience.

You will then be guided by our professional wingwalking team up on to the top wing in 3 stages. The highest step up being 3ft (assisted with a step if required). Once strapped in, and after an ‘on wing’ briefing by one of our professional wingwalkers, you are ready to go!

The pilot will perform his pre-start checks and then you will see the huge 3m propellor start to turn and the big Pratt and Whitney radial engine rumble into life. With both aircraft engines running, the pilots will perform pre taxi checks, they will check their radio communications then, when they are ready, they will release brakes and you and your formation partner will taxi across our beautiful, private airfield ready for take-off. Your senses will be overwhelmed with excitement from the roar of the 450hp engine and the propeller right in front of you.

Remember, all your nerves will disappear as soon as the wheels leave the ground.

You will line up for take-off alongside the other aircraft, take a moment to look across to your fellow wingwalker, just a few feet away, a truly unique view which very few people have experienced.

Once lined up the pilots will run through their checks, they will confirm with each other that they’re ready to go, the engines will be throttled up, brakes will be released and you’ll both be off, accelerating together, the propellors biting into the air, the tips travelling faster than the speed of sound, your friends and family will hear the roar of the two big Pratt and Whitney radials and the bark of the propellors as they accelerate across the grass. You will be taking off in formation, just a few feet away from each other, you can look across and actually see the other aircraft’s wheels leave the ground.

Once airborne your senses will be on overload. Gracefully flying right next to each other, side by side, feel the tremendous sense of freedom, take in the unbelievably stunning views surrounding our private airfield, whilst waving to friends and family on the ground below

Now things start to get serious, this is where your formation performance really begins.

Both aircraft will perform a few passes in close formation, the aircraft banking and turning left and right for positioning, they will gradually gain height and speed, culminating in a break where the aircraft will turn away from each other.

The aircraft will reposition ready to fly a series of head to head, hair raising cross-over manoeuvres, exactly as you would see in an air display, with closing speeds reaching 300mph things start happening very quickly. This ride is up there with the most extreme.

Opposition Bump

This, the first manoeuvre starts at 300ft, the aircraft are at either end of the display line, one mile apart, from your vantage point in the wing you may be able to spot the other aircraft, slightly to the right but appearing very small. He is flying directly towards you at 120mph, the lead pilot calls a dive, your stomach flips and you’re accelerating downwards, fields fill your vision, speed is quickly at 150mph, you will see the other aircraft getting bigger, fast, descending, your formation buddy staring at you wide eyed, the pilots pull the aircraft noses up and you cross, whizzing by at 300mph, from your spectators point of view it looks so close and thoroughly exciting.

The aircraft climbs skywards, you are quickly at 400ft, the pilot pushes and you go light on your feet, once more the fields of the Cotswolds fill your view.

The aircraft turns, banking hard at high speed, the pilots craning their necks, looking for the best line, but you will have the best panorama from your vantage point.

45 Cross

Coming in on the 45 degree line, the pilots will pick each other out from the myriad background, flying low and fast the aircraft close quickly, from atop the wing you will see your formation buddy, you will have the opportunity to wave briefly before you thunder past each other, in a hard banked turn, if it’s a close cross you will hear the engine of the other aircraft as it flies right by.

Heading out on the 45 line, your pilot will be positioning the aircraft, and you, ready for the next opposition manoeuvre.

Head to Head Rejoin

The pilots generally use this move to break off the opposition passes. Once again, they will position the aircraft at either end of the display line, approximately one mile apart, heading towards each other, closing fast, the lead pilot will call the break, it’s a split second decision, the aircraft bank hard in towards each other, topside to topside, look up and across and you will see your formation partner. The aircraft level up and climb away.

A series of individual passes will follow before the aircraft land back at RFC Rendcomb Airfield where they taxi back in, one behind the other. You will feel elation, pumped and totally full of adrenaline at what just happened up in the sky.

You will have joined a very exclusive club, very few people have experienced a formation flight like this. The amount of places in the world that you can perform a flight like this can be counted on one hand and we are the world leaders.

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After these first flights you will both qualify to perform our next Loop-the-Loop wingwalking experience… a full aerobatic ride with a loop-the-loop, stall turns and rolling manoeuvres. If booked when you’re at the airfield you’ll receive a reduced price offer of £359.00 for an individual flight or £1120.00 for a Loop-the-Loop formation flight. These flights can be flown same day (subject to availability) or at a later date.

Not available on Saturdays.


A formation wingwalk requires more planning on our part to coordinate multiple pilots and flight staff. Please use the link below to check availability and make your enquiry.

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Interested in a formation flight but have no wingwalker to fly with? No problem. Contact the team here also and we will match you with other wingwalkers wishing to do the same.


My husband & I received a formation experience as a wedding gift… and wow, what an experience. I cannot put into words how exciting it was to speed across the airfield side-by-side for take-off. Having Mike flying next to me just made the experience that much more enjoyable. We flew through the air, flying up, down and around, then separating before whizzing past each other several times. OMG, it felt like his plane was inches from mine, it was just brilliant. We loved it. So much so, we’re thinking of coming back for a formation loop!!

Thank you to the team for being so attentive and great fun! This is one experience we will never forget.

Lily & Mike, Cambridge


“I had booked to fly a loop the loop then a poster caught my eye “formation aerobatics” I knew I would be back…”
“I didn’t know anybody to fly with, so the team set me up with a lady who had expressed a wish to fly in formation, and thus needed a partner”
“Aerosuperbatics are 100% professional, accordingly they had embraced the Covid-19 regulations”
“It is such a unique experience”
“A truly great day out.  Adrenalin by the bucket full.  Total professionalism”

Peter Collier, July 2020


“Formation wing walking was the ultimate experience! Staff and pilots were amazing! Told us everything we needed to know and went through our formation flight! The footage from the go pro was outstanding and the comments from people watching said it was like seeing a show!! We cannot thank you all enough for the experience and can’t wait to book again!!”

Emma Wiggins, Sept 2021