Book Your Wingwalk

Please continue on this page if you are booking a wingwalking experience and do not wish to receive a Gift Voucher, or you already have a voucher.

If you are purchasing a wingwalking experience for someone and wish to present them with a Gift Voucher, please purchase a ‘Gift Voucher’. Once the ‘Gift Voucher’ is purchased you will be given the option to Book Flight.


If you have not wingwalked with us before and you are keen to perform a Loop-the-Loop experience, we can make this happen.

Health & Safety Regulations do not allow us to offer aerobatics to those who have not wingwalked with us before. However, after you have touched down from your first wingwalking experience please talk to our Professional Wingwalkers about flying again.

Once they have landed, people often want to go straight back up again, they are buzzing and full of adrenaline, what better way than to climb back on to the wing and strap in for the most extreme ride of your life.

There is a generous discount for booking your aerobatic experience on the day, we may even be able to fly you on that same day!

If you would like one fight only and are searching for that adrenaline fuelled feeling, our team will make this possible on your ‘First Wingwalking Experience’.

We are unable to perform our loop-the-loop experience on a Saturday, however, we are free to go looping during weekdays.