Wingwalking Experience – Terms & Conditions

These Terms are governed by and constructed in accordance with English law. The Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning any matter arising from these Terms.


AeroSuperBatics Limited is the supplier of all experiences that appear on &

When you purchase an experience or redeem a voucher from AeroSuperBatics (or book/redeem a voucher provided by an external provider), you become bound by the Terms and Conditions detailed.


You may fly if you are:

Before flying, all participants must undergo a Safety Briefing and thereafter complete a ‘Safety Standard Acknowledgement, Next of Kin, Self-Certifying & Indemnity Form’.

The flight(s) do not meet the Commercial Air Transport (CAT) or Public Transport (PT) standards. The risks associated with this flight are significantly higher than the risks associated with CAT or PT. There is a significantly higher risk of injury or death. These risks are clearly identified in our Safety Briefing so each person undertaking the flight(s) is able to make a fully informed decision whether or not to accept these risks.

Please contact us in advance if you have any questions or concerns about safety or the eligibility of participants.


The prices displayed on & are correct to the best of our knowledge and are maintained regularly.

All prices, packages, promotional or otherwise, may be removed or changed by AeroSuperBatics at any time.

Merchandise, Photos & Video downloads

AeroSuperBatics may offer a number of optional extras on the day of your experience, such as our clothing range, merchandise and video downloads.

There is a video camera mounted on the top wing which is directed at the wingwalker. This will capture unique images of the person on the wing, including varying backdrops of the ground below and the sky above. This is an optional extra available for purchase on the day.

Although extremely rare, our video system (as with all technology) could be subject to unforeseen faults.  Should any unforeseen faults occur with the videos, all flights will continue to go ahead.

The wingwalker will have the opportunity to view their video before purchasing. Once view and purchased, the video is non-refundable. If a fault occurs with pre-paid videos, a refund will be given.

Most body-mounted cameras are not suitable (including helmets and head-cams), however participants are welcome to bring along any cameras and mounts/harness for the pilot to assess the suitability. Hand held cameras are not permitted due to the risk of them falling and causing damage.

For returns of merchandise, please see our returns policy.


Vouchers codes must be presented on the day of your flight.

Where voucher codes are not presented, full payment will be required before flights may be taken.

Flights must be booked and flown before the expiry date. Our flying season takes place on selected weekdays from March to October and on occasional Saturdays.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months. They can be transferred to another person during this time at no extra cost as long as they meet the correct criteria (age, weight, height, medical conditions).

On payment of the total fee for your wing walk, you are covered by Third Party Liability Insurance Policy of up to £10 million. A summary of the policy including details of the personal accident benefits is available on request, subject to periodic review.

Failure to show up on the day will result in you forfeiting your wingwalk.


We offer wingwalking experiences on selected weekdays throughout in March to the of end October. Our main line of business is displaying at air shows and events, so we offer weekdays that fit around the team’s air show schedule.

Wingwalking for Charity

You may use your wingwalking experience to raise money for charity if you wish. All bookings are charged at the advertised rate. Any fundraising for charity is completely independent from AeroSuperBatics and the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. If your charity can get a group of people together who want to do a sponsored wingwalk then you can have private use of the airfield for the day. Please email for more information.



Alcohol must not be consumed on the day of your wing walk. If you are considered to be intoxicated from the previous evening, you will be denied your wing walk. In both instances you risk forfeiting any monies paid.

If you have booked a date for the wingwalk, please note it is subject to the weather conditions. We check the weather the day before the flight and contact the wingwalker if we need to postpone it due to bad weather. This will normally be between 3pm – 5pm the day before the flight. If the weather is not suitable we will have to rearrange the flight to another day that suits both you and AeroSuperBatics. The pilots will also assess the weather conditions before each individual flight. We reserve the right to postpone any flight if the pilot feels the weather has deteriorated resulting in unsafe flying conditions for wingwalking.

Your pilot will be responsible for the final decision as to whether you are able to make the wing walk.

Your Flight

We will not perform aerobatic manoeuvres (loop the loop etc) for first time wingwalkers as we do not know how the wingwalker will react. If you would like a more adventurous ride the pilot can tailor the flight and can include steep dips and dives, wingovers and banked turns. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more sedate flight, that is possible too.

Once you have performed your first flight on the wing you are qualified to request aerobatics – please mention this at time of booking and provide a booking reference of your first flight. Under certain circumstances a second, aerobatic, flight can be made on the same day as your first.

If you make a booking on the phone or via our website, you are confirming that you have read and are accepting our terms and conditions. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on +44(0) 1285 831774.

AeroSuperBatics are unable to guarantee a flight time. Your booking time is the time the wingwalker is required to arrive at the airfield for their safety briefing. The time of flight is determined on the day of arrival. Please allow at least 3 hours at the airfield.

Rescheduling Flights

For standard bookings with more than 14 working days’ notice, you may reschedule your flight within the voucher valid date. No charge will apply.

For standard bookings with less than 14 working days’ notice, you may reschedule your flight. A charge of £50 per experience will apply.

If you fail to arrive for your flight, are late for your safety briefing or fail to reschedule your flight within the timescale above, your booking will no longer be valid and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Refund Policy

Please email your request for a refund to with your reason for a refund. Charges of £100.00 may apply for vouchers within 6 months of purchase date. £200.00 may apply for vouchers after 6 months of purchase date.

If you know you will be unable to take your flight, to avoid charges, you can transfer them to another person free of charge. Please advise AeroSuperBatics of the change of name, voucher code and reason by email to

AeroSuperBatics can also extend your voucher by 12 months. A charge of £50 per experience will apply. AeroSuperBatics must be informed of the required extension 3 months before the voucher has expired.

AeroSuperBatics cannot provide refunds on vouchers bought through third parties. In these circumstances refunds are subject to the policies of the third party and we would advise you to make contact with them directly.

AeroSuperBatics are unable to reimburse travel, accommodation, or any other expenses you may incur in relation to the cancelled experience.

Personal Possessions

AeroSuperBatics cannot be held responsible for any items lost and is unable to compensate under any circumstances.


AeroSuperBatics operates a free viewing area on the airfield and spectators are welcome. You and your spectators must be made acutely aware that RFC Rendcomb Airfield is an active airfield and aircraft movements will happen at any time without prior warning, therefore we must make you aware of the following:

Please also be aware that: